Matthew Alden Price and Won Kyoung Lee

This is a project profiling artists.  I’m leaving the definition of artist purposefully broad  - painters, photographers, musicians, wood-workers, writers, tailors, etc.

Portraiture is not the main focus of the project.  While it’s certainly an element, and certain collections will be portraiture heavy, I’m ultimately more interested in profiling and documenting the artistic and tactile processes behind the work.

This is Matt.  He and his wife Won are both artists, and Matt’s studio is in the same building as mine. They’re constructing a public arts commission to be displayed at the Philadelphia Airport.  A 20 foot wall of wooden cubbies, each cubby will hold an object donated by an individual that displays their own personal connection to Philadelphia.  Once completed, the piece will be on permanent display at the airport.

The project site is at the link below.  A link to the project as it was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer is also below.

Philadelphia Inquirer Feature

The project is being completed in multiple steps, and I’ll be documenting the different stages of completion.  This was the second session.


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