Tracing Like Fingers

The life-span of any man-made structure is a gradual, subtle sort of chaos; ruin is an inevitability, but not a predictable one.

This body of work approaches the modern man-made abandoned environment in a very deliberate and controlled way. Personal nostalgia is not a driving force behind the work. Nor is the decay, or even a possible narrative remaining within the spaces. Rather, simply, an attempt has been made to create an intriguing visual tension within these environments that is not typically seen.

The spaces are photographed in a hyper-realistic style; details are brought out that otherwise would be impossible to see clearly. These exposed layers of dirty, abandoned humanity are forced to strike a somewhat uncomfortable balance with the seductive nature of the very light that has rendered them visible. My hope for the viewer is that, cognizant of this complicated tension, they will acknowledge and appreciate this forced visual coexistence.

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